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10 Quick tips For getting published in BMJ Case Reports

New to medical publishing? Check out these handy hints to help you successfully share your work in the world’s largest online collection of medical case reports.

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Know what the Editors are looking for. Above all, we want to publish cases with valuable clinical or ethical lessons that are worthy of discussion. View the author instructions to find out how to prepare your manuscript and learn about the submission and peer review processes. Explore some of the published cases online to get a feel for a well presented case report. Try searching for your institution to find published authors from your place of work or study, and contact them to ask for advice. Follow the templates provided – Full Case, Images In… or Global Health, and don’t forget to include a signed patient consent form in your final submission. Read the comprehensive guide to writing and publishing a useful and interesting case report. It gives you a step-by-step guide on what to include in your submission template.

Use simple language and grammar. You may also wish to use the language editing and translation services provided by BMJ Author Services.

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Seek help from your senior colleagues. Ask for their feedback on the draft of your paper.

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Visit the BMJ Author Hub for even more tips on getting your work published, discovered and cited, including a formatting checklist to make sure you have covered everything on submission.

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When you’re ready to submit , view the user guide for a step-by-step technical guide to using the submission system.

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Need further help? Contact the BMJ Case Reports editorial office at bmjcases@bmj.com .

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Speak to your Librarian or Head of Department to obtain your Institutional Fellowship Code, which allows you to submit an unlimited number of cases to BMJ Case Reports free-of-charge. casereports.bmj.com

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